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Updated: Apr 16

Ever wondered about the vibrant green powder taking the world by storm? That's matcha!

Matcha isn't your average green tea. It's a finely ground powder made from specially shaded green tea leaves, bursting with flavor and health benefits. Here's the journey of a matcha leaf:

Green tea leafs being shaded in japan
Green tea leafs being shaded in japan

Sun-Kissed to Shade: Matcha leaves grow under special shade for weeks before harvest. This slows down growth and increases chlorophyll levels, creating that beautiful green color.

  • Hand-Picked Perfection: Skilled farmers meticulously hand-pick the leaves at their peak.

  • Steaming & Drying: The leaves are gently steamed to stop enzyme activity and preserve freshness. They're then dried to perfection.

fresh green tea leaves in japan
Raw green tea leaves in japan

The Grind is Fine: Finally, the dried leaves are meticulously stone-ground into the fine powder we know as matcha. After it's ground you have around 6-7 months to consume you matcha since it does start losing its freshness along with its benefits.

Granite millstones, slowly turning to pulverize the dried leaves into matcha
Granite millstones, slowly turning to pulverize the dried leaves into matcha

The Art of Stone Grinding:

Unlike many green teas processed by machine with rolling and chopping, matcha undergoes a special grinding technique. Traditional methods employ granite millstones, slowly turning to pulverize the dried leaves. This meticulous process, known as tencha grinding, is key to achieving matcha's signature:

  • Fine Texture: The slow grinding preserves the delicate cell walls of the leaves, resulting in the incredibly fine, almost talc-like powder we know. This fine texture allows matcha to easily suspend in water, creating a smooth and frothy beverage.

  • Vibrant Color: Stone grinding minimizes heat generation, which helps retain the vibrant green color of matcha. This color is a testament to the high chlorophyll content, one of the reasons matcha is revered for its health benefits.

  • Preserved Flavor: The slow grinding process also helps preserve the delicate flavors of the tea leaves. Matcha boasts a complex taste profile, often described as earthy, vegetal, and slightly sweet.

Freshness is Key:

While stone grinding unlocks matcha's potential, it's important to remember that matcha is a fresh product. Once ground, it begins to oxidize, slowly losing its vibrant color, delicate flavor, and potentially some of its health benefits.

Here at The Grind is Fine, we recommend consuming your matcha within 6-7 months of opening for the best experience. To further extend its shelf life, store your matcha in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

matcha The Importance of Matcha Grinding: From Leaf to Powder
Unlike traditional green tea, where you steep and discard the leaves, you ingest the entire matcha leaf, maximizing its benefits.

This process ensures the highest quality and unlocks matcha's unique benefits, like:

-Enhanced Focus & Energy

-Rich in Antioxidants

-Promotes Relaxation

-Delicious Flavor

Q: Is matcha like regular green tea? Does it go bad?

A: Unlike some green teas, matcha is a fresh product. Once ground, it starts to oxidize, similar to how a cut apple browns. This can affect the vibrant color, delicate flavor, and potentially some of the health benefits.

Q: How long does matcha stay fresh?

A: Here at Míra Matcha, we recommend enjoying your matcha within 6-7 months of opening for the optimal experience. This ensures you get the full flavor profile and potential health benefits.

Q: How can I make my matcha last longer?

Q: What happens if I drink matcha past its prime?

The Journey Continues:

Having mastered the grind, our matcha is now ready to embark on the next leg of its journey – into your cup! In future blog posts, we'll explore the art of preparing the perfect matcha latte, delve into the diverse culinary uses of matcha, and uncover the fascinating history behind this treasured beverage. Stay tuned for more matcha magic!

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Marissa Gámez
Marissa Gámez


Marissa Gámez, the heart and soul behind Míra Matcha, is a passionate entrepreneur with a unique vision. A proud Latina and Veteran, she brings not only dedication but also a vibrant cultural twist to the world of matcha.

Join Marissa on her journey to revolutionize the way you experience matcha! With Míra Matcha, every sip is a celebration of bold flavors and rich culture.


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