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Updated: Jun 25

Hey matcha lovers, we've learned something awesome – you guys really, really love your matcha. And who wouldn't? This vibrant beverage is winning hearts left and right, not just for its health perks and antioxidants, but also for being the cool, calm cousin to coffee with its lower caffeine levels and that magic touch of L-theanine for a steady, no-crash energy boost.

The Scoop on Why People Adore Matcha

How Much Caffeine is in Matcha Tea?

Why do we love matcha? Well, there's something for everyone! Some of you sip it to kick stress to the curb, others chug it like a champion heading towards the finish line, and then there are those who simply enjoy it for a moment of peaceful contemplation. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of beverages!

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Decoding Matcha Caffeine Content

Alright, let's spill the tea on matcha caffeine. It's like coffee, but not as much of a punch. With about half the caffeine, matcha gives you a laid-back lift that hangs around for a solid 2-3 hours without leaving you crashed out.

In coffee territory, a cup packs a punch with 95 to 200mg of caffeine. Even decaf coffee doesn't come close to matcha. Take an espresso double shot (140 mg), a Red Bull (114 mg for 12 oz), or a 5 Hour Energy Drink (200 mg for 2 oz), and you'll see that matcha is on the mellow side of the caffeine spectrum.

Drink Caffeine Content

  • Matcha (8 oz, 1/2 tsp. matcha) 25-35 mg

  • Coffee (8 oz) 95-200 mg

  • Espresso Double Shot (2 oz) 140 mg

  • Red Bull (12 oz) 114 mg

  • 5 Hour Energy Drink (2 oz) 200 mg

Matcha Infographic: Learn how to make matcha tea from cultivation to preparation.

Matcha: Your Go-To for a Chill Energy Boost

Now, if you're all about that gentle energy boost, matcha green tea is your go to cup. It keeps you on the ball without the jittery rollercoaster ride you might get from coffee. No sudden crashes or headaches, just a smooth, sustained boost that keeps you alert and focused.

And hey, we get it—caffeine has its dark side. But fear not, because matcha comes to the rescue! It can actually amp up your concentration, attention, and focus without making you feel like a jittery mess. It's the kind of energy that leaves you feeling good, not wired, and that's why matcha is the cool kid in town.

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L-Theanine: The Matcha Magic Ingredient

Now, let’s talk about L-theanine. It's like matcha's secret weapon against stress and anxiety. This amino acid, found only in tea, is all about calming the nerves without sending you into snoozeville. Matcha, being the overachiever it is, brings both caffeine and L-theanine to the party, making it the ultimate relaxant and stimulant combo.

No jitters here, folks! Thanks to L-theanine, matcha gives you a prolonged energy boost that helps you stay sharp and focused. People swear by feeling fantastic after a cup of matcha, and it's all thanks to this special amino acid.

mira matcha matcha bag

Get Your Matcha Fix with Míra Matcha

Looking to switch things up from your usual coffee routine? Enter Míra Matcha, your gateway to a world of decreased caffeine, boosted L-theanine, unique antioxidants, and downright deliciousness. Trust us, if you're not already on the matcha train, you'll be hopping on soon!

At Míra Matcha, our matcha tea comes straight from the best tea fields in Japan, we only use ceremonial grade matcha —where matcha tea first stole the show 800 years ago. Our Japanese-grown tea is tradition meets innovation.

Explore our range of matcha latte mixes, perfect alternatives to coffee if you're looking to dial down your caffeine intake while still enjoying that unbeatable, no-crash energy boost. Míra Matcha – where good energy and great taste meet!



Caffeine Content

Matcha (8 oz, 1/2 tsp. matcha)

Matcha (8 oz, 1/2 tsp. matcha)

25-35 mg

Coffee (8 oz)

Coffee (8 oz)

95-200 mg

Espresso Double Shot (2 oz)

Espresso Double Shot (2 oz)

140 mg

Red Bull (12 oz)

Red Bull (12 oz)

114 mg

5 Hour Energy Drink (2 oz)

5 Hour Energy Drink (2 oz)

200 mg


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Marissa Gámez, the heart and soul behind Míra Matcha, is a passionate entrepreneur with a unique vision. A proud Latina and Veteran, she brings not only dedication but also a vibrant cultural twist to the world of matcha.

Join Marissa on her journey to revolutionize the way you experience matcha! With Míra Matcha, every sip is a celebration of bold flavors and rich culture.


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