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Inspired by the flavors of Latin America, this mix combines the creamy taste of coconut milk with the sweet cinnamon flavor of horchata.  


Taste Profile: Coconut Flavor, The first thing that hits your taste buds is the smooth and luxurious coconut milk base then, Cinnamon kick, Horchata traditionally includes cinnamon for a warmth hint, which complements coconut for a comforting note. Earthy Matcha, the matcha adds a vegetal earthiness balancing the sweetness of coconut milk, providing complexity and depth to the drink.


Dairy Free | Vegan | Gluten Free


Makes 12 servings!

Coconut Horchata Matcha Latte Mix

  • Each bag contains 12 servings made with monk fruit and allulose for a guilt-free indulgence. Our matcha is sourced from Japan, ensuring the highest quality and authentic taste.

  • Now Shipping within the US! Can deliver locally within 5 miles of Downtown, San Antonio OR check out our next Pop-up dates here! 

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